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Complex Evolution is a tool that facilitates audio, video and data disc burning
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Complex Evolution is a powerful tool that integrates simple yet efficient features, which you can use to easily burn music, movies and other files to CDs and DVDs.
This tool has a user-friendly interface, which provides quick access to all its tools and functions. Although the tool offers advanced settings for experienced users, such as the "Options/Preferences" panel, less experienced users can rely on the default settings, which also get the job efficiently done.

Depending on the type of disc they wish to burn, users need to select one of the four main categories of discs displayed on the main screen: Data, Audio, DVD or UDF disc. To proceed to the actual burning stage, users will need to add the data by opening a new project in one of the above mentioned sections. The amount of data they can add depends on the available free space on the disc. Furthermore, if the disk is rewritable, the user can erase the data which is already stored on it by using either of the two modes available: full or quick erase.

To sum up, Complex Evolution is a reliable CD and DVD burning tool, which can be used by users who wish to create either audio, video or data discs. It offers a set of functions, which make the burning process a fast and efficient one.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The tool is able to run from the USB Flash drive
  • Multiple skin types are available
  • It supports all 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems


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